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How to Make flipbook from your serif's page plus x6's PDF?

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I have a lot of Serif's Page plus X6's PDFs, can I use any of your software to create page flipping books with these PDF files?


Being the most common used file format, PDF can save our data content in a stable and secured way. And a PDF file takes small storage, which makes it easy to store and transfer. Yet, on the contrary, a PDF may be too boring for reading because it's static. Now you can make your Serif's page plus X6's PDFs much more interesting and attractive by converting them into page flipping eBooks. And below I will show you how to use A-PDF Flipbook Maker to publish a wonderful flipbook with a dull PDF file.

Step 1: Import Serif's page plus X6's PDF

After you open A-PDF Flipbook Maker, click "Create New" and import your PDF document.

Step 2: Customize flipbook based on template

In the Design interface, you can choose a pre-designed template on which you can design the flip book with different custom settings: theme, background, logo, plugin, scene and so on.

Step 3: Publish the PDF flipbook

Click the "Publish" button on the top and choose a format to publish the flip book. You can publish the book in HTML, ZIP, EXE, Mac App, FBR, mobile version or even burn it to CD. Besides, you can also output the book as WordPress plug-in, Joomla module, Drupal module, screen saver or upload it online directly.

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