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PDF Bulk Rename Utility

If you are an editor or publisher, you may need to read a lot of PDF files from different authors. In this case, do you want to change your PDF files' name into a uniform form such as "author + file name"? If you have to rename then manually one by one, that will be a disaster. Now there is a easier and more convenient way for you to batch rename PDF files. That's PDF Bulk Rename Utility (A-PDF Rename).

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Why PDF Bulk Rename Utility

PDF Bulk Rename Utility is user-friendly software to batch convert multiple PDF files at the same time. What's more, it allows users to customize the new name for PDF files with several clicks. By the way, it enables to rename a folder of PDF file easily and quickly as well.

Rename PDF and PDF file Folder

With PDF Bulk Rename Utility, it allows you import PDF files one by one or add folder of PDF directly. Anyway, if you get something you don't want, you can right click the mouse and select remove easily. However, you can get start easily without rich computer knowledge and programming skill at all.

Simply Rename Filename

PDF Bulk Rename Utility allows users to rename filename easily. Let's take "Author + File" for example. You can move to rename filename option and click Macro and then select author and file name as the new name for PDF files. By the way, the metadata can be changed easily as well.

Save time and Money

As we can see PDF Bulk Rename Utility is simple to get start. And it is a good way to save your time to batch rename hundreds even thousands of PDF file at the same time instead of manual rename one by one. Furthermore, it is a affordable PDF tool to batch rename lots of PDF files in affordable way.

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