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A-PDF Text Replace is a very simple, lightning-quick desktop utility program that lets you batch replace, change or delete multiples text in Acrobat PDF files automatically.


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How it works

How does it work

Why A-PDF Text Replace

Change Text in PDFs

Imagine you need to change some text in thousands of files. Usually it will take many hours or days to do it manually. A-PDF Text Replace is created to solve this problem.

Remove Some Unwanted Words in PDFs

It can remove unwanted text in PDFs easily, such as text watermark you added, before printing.

Support Using Wildcard Expressions to Replace Text in PDF

Provide a concise and flexible means for matching strings of text for replacing, such as particular characters, words, or patterns of characters.

Example: If you want to replace all the texts in a PDF like "Windows 95","Windows 98" or "Windows NT" with "Win7", you can specify the "Text to be replaced" input box value in the main window to: Windows( 95| 98| NT){1}, and the "Replaced with" input box to: Win7.

Save your time

A-PDF Text Replace can process hundreds documents one time and very fast.

Save Your Money

A-PDF Text Replace is a standalone program costing only $35. It does NOT require Adobe Acrobat Pro, which costs hundreds of dollars.

A-PDF Text Replace Command Line

A-PDF Text Replace Command line (PTRCMD.exe) can be used as a Windows console utility that silent replace text in PDF file .


PTRCMD.exe <Source PDF> <Destination PDF> <Original Text> 
<New Text> [<Original Text> <New Text> ... ] [-C<Y/N>]
<Source PDF>: Source PDF file.
<Output PDF>: Specifies the name for the output file.
<Original Text>: The text in the source file that will be replaced.
<New Text>: The new text will be replaced with.
The "$EMPTY$" string stand for blank, which
means deleting the <Original Text>.
[-C<Y/N>]: Specifies the texts are case sensitive or not. Return code:
0: Success
2: Input file does not exist
3: The parameters are invalid.
4: Load PDF error!
5: Password error!
6: Nonsupport security. Example:
PTRCMD "C:\input.pdf" "C:\output.pdf" "old text" "new text"
PTRCMD "C:\input.pdf" "C:\output.pdf" "old text1" "new text1" "old text2" "new text2" -CY
PTRCMD "C:\input.pdf" "C:\output.pdf" "old text1" "new text1" "old text2" "new text2" -CN


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Current version 2.4.0


30 day money back guarantee

Requirement: Windows


work with vista