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A-PDF Watermark Services is a windows services program which can run in the background to add watermarks to PDF files automatically. You can use the service to batch add text, image, graphic watermarks to existing Acrobat PDF files in sequence. A-PDF Watermark Services can watch multiple folders (Include sub-folders) at the same time every few seconds, and process files in those folders instantly after detecting changing, it can watermark files automatically when the files are written into the specified monitored folders.

You also can see A-PDF Watermark Desktop: windows desktop program which can batch add image and text watermarks to Acrobat PDF documents.

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Why A-PDF Watermark Service

Protect your copyrights using visible watermarks

Add company logo, your name or web address as watermark to PDF documents to protect your PDF files

Add stamp to your PDF files

You can add stamps of date, time, page number, author and filename to PDF pages.

Label PDF file status

What status of your PDFs, draft, approved, final or confidential. Using A-PDF Watermark Service, you can label them easily.

5 types of watermark

  • Text - supports macro, such as date, time etc.
  • Image - supports various image formats.
  • PDF - supports one page or multi-page PDF files.
  • Sharp - supports line, rectangle and circle.
  • Dynamic Datetime - supports dynamic date/time changed when open.

Watch multiple folders at the same time.

Support watch multiple folders at the same time (sub-folders are handled with a checkbox).

Run as Windows Service to auto start after login your computer

Auto Run Application ofter Watermarking PDF

Support Auto Run expand application (.exe) ofter stamping PDF


%1 stands for the source file %2 stands for the out put directory
%3 stands for the watermark name %4 stands for the marked file
%5 stands for file name of the source file (without path and ext)

Powerful watermark setting

See example here.

  • Supports text watermarks with macros (dynamic text).
  • Supports image watermarks with various image formats (eg. JPEG, GIF, TIF, TIFF, PCX, PNG, TGA, ICO, BMP, JP2 image formats).
  • Supports watermarks at any position on the page. Includes header, center and footer.
  • Using margins, watermark can be placed in an exact position, or tile to pages.
  • Rotates watermarks to any angle.
  • Supports opacity (transparent watermarks) for text and images.
  • Support transparent color for images.
  • Supports standard font and true type font, font size, text color, and text style.
  • Support link to web site(URL), inner page and other PDF file.
  • Support add watermark to part of pages, e.g. odd pages.
  • Supports true type font, embedded or not.
  • Watermarks can be placed on top or in background of page.
  • supports watermark and print a range of pages one step at a time without modifying the original pdf file

Save Your Time

Using pre-made watermarks or those created by yourself, you can batch apply watermarks to a group of PDF files at one time.

Save Your Money

A-PDF Watermark Service is a standalone program costing only $99. It does NOT require Adobe Acrobat Pro, which costs hundreds of dollars.

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Current version 1.3.0


30 day money back guarantee


Requirement: Windows


work with vista