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A-PDF To Black/White provides a quick way to convert the images to monochrome or grayscale in Acrobat PDF documents directly. It detects color images and convert them to b/w or gray automatically, then reduces your PDF file size.


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How does it work

How does it work


Why A-PDF to Black/White

Easy to use

The program is designed for ease of use:

  1. Select your PDF files
  2. Click "Convert to Black/White " or "Convert to Black/White and save as".

That's all.

Save Your Time

  • Handle a batch of files at one time.
  • Process is completely automatic.
  • Uses optimized algorithms to speed processing.

Save Your Money

A-PDF Black/White is a standalone program costing only $27. It does NOT require Adobe Acrobat Pro, which costs hundreds of dollars.

A-PDF to Black/White Command Line

A-PDF to Black/White Command line (pdfbwcmd.exe) is a Windows console utility that B\W the PDF file. The pdfdwcmd.exe is included in the download package already. You can find it at the installation directory, generally, it is located in C:\program files\A-PDF Black White.


PDFBWCMD.exe <input pdf> <output pdf> [-S<password>] [-M<Method>] 
             [-T<Threshold value>] [-R<page range>] 
             [-Q<JEPG Quality>] [-I] 

 Input File: Source PDF file.
 -S<password>: Password of source PDF file if application.
 Output PDF: Output PDF file, if it is not specified, the 
             output file will be same as the input file.
 -M<Method>: 0: Threshold; 1: Dithering 2: Gryscale
 -T<Threshold value>:Use in Threshold Method. Null then the 
                       value will auto fit.
 -R<page range>: Sample 1,2,5-10. Default(null) is all
 -Q<JEPG Quality> : Default is 85. 
 -I: Convert Images only. Default(null) Font and Draw Color 
     will be Convert to B/W.

 pdfdwcmd "C:\pdfs\source.pdf" "C:\pdfs\destination.pdf" 
          -S"123" -M0 -T200 -R1,2,4-6 -Q90
 note: "123" is a password for Source PDF file 

Return code:
 0: Success
 2: Input file does not exist
 3: Create output dir failed
 4: Load PDF error
 5: Invalided Password
 6: Non-support Security
 7: Create output file failed
 8: Can not save to output file


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Current version 2.3.0


30 day money back guarantee


Requirement: Windows


work with vista