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Custom flipbook Themes & Scenes for later use

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FlipBook Maker lists multiple pre-designed resources, such as Themes and Scenes. You can directly apply them to design your flipbook background, beautiful or dynamic. While some people want to DIY their own themes & scenes, it is also simple to do with FlipBook Maker.


About how to custom flipbook themes & scenes with A-PDF FlipBook Maker, the following steps will tell you in detail.

(If still not installed A-PDF FlipBook Maker program, please free download here: A-PDF Flip Book Maker

(free download here). And then install it to your computer)

Step1: Launch program and then open a new project;

Step2: Import PDF and choose template;

Step3: Custom Themes & Scenes

1. DIY Themes with background images

. Add image as background image

. Adjust toolbar and button icon color

. Click "Apply Change" to preview effect

Custom flipbook Themes & Scenes for later use

2. DIY Scenes with your swf file

. Open "Scenes" panel and click "Custom flipbook Themes & Scenes for later use"

. Import your swf file and name for the scene

. Click "Create" and then apply it

Custom flipbook Themes & Scenes for later use

Step4: Publish flipbook to online by use of Upload Online Service

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