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Do you want to straighten skew pages in scanned PDF files?

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What is the best software program to straighten skew pages in scanned PDF files ?


Suppose you have received a lot of scanned files with skew or blank pages, are you troubled by modifying or deleting them? A-PDF provides you a powerful program for you to settle above problems.

A-PDF Scan Optimizer (free download here) is especially used for scanned PDF files. It is well designed, easy to use and makes optimizing the PDF documents a breeze by various methods. For example, it can de-skew scanned images, convert colored images to monochrome and so on.

Now, the tutorial below explains how to use A-PDF Scan Optimizer to straighten skew pages in scanned PDF files:

a-pdf scan optimizer deskew

  1. Free download and install A-PDF Scan Optimizer, run pdfso.exe, the first step is to add PDF Documents: Click "Add Folder" or "Add", you can add a folder (Include sub folders) of PDF files together, or even drag files to the list directly;
  2. Option for Optimizer: Click "Turn On" to choose you wanted item for optimization, for example "Turn On" the "De-Skew Scanned Images in PDF", then click "Settings…" to define angle for de-skewing pages:

  3. a-pdf scan optimizer deskew setting

  4. Click "Optimize" or "Optimize And Save As" to save de-skewed PDF documents.

Let’s compare the optimized pages with original file:

a-pdf scan optimizer deskew result

Besides straighten skew pages, you can also change scanned PDFs into monochrome as grayscale:

Click "Turn On" below "Convert images to monochrome in PDF" and then click "Settings…" to define Black/White mode for changing PDF files into monochrome as follows:

a-pdf scan optimizer BW setting

Or decrease PDF file size:

Click "Turn On" below "Resample – Reduce the File Size" and then click "Settings…" to define how to resample images in PDF files:

a-pdf scan optimizer resample setting

By DPI: All images in PDF will be resampled to the specified DPI (Max Dpi), if the DPI of source image is less than the Max Dpi, the image will be ignored;
By Scale: All images in PDF will be resampled to the specified percentage of full scale of original images;
By Width and Height: Only if the width or height of original images is larger than the defined Max values, the images will be resampled to the specified size.

You can even delete blank pages in scanned documents:

Click "Turn On" below "Delete Blank Page in PDF" and then click "Settings…" to adjust parameters for testing and then delete blank pages:

a-pdf scan optimizer blank setting

The tool also supports Hot Directory Mode:

a-pdf scan optimizer hot mode

  1. Click "Settings" to turn on optimize items in Hot Directory;
  2. Click "Hot Directory Mode" and turn to the interface of "A-PDF Optimizer Services";
  3. Add folder for monitoring as follow image:
  4. a-pdf scan optimizer hot mode add

    All PDF documents written in the Monitored Directory will be optimized automatically, you can also input application in "Run Application" for auto running after optimizing, and input "%1" in "Params" to stand for the filename in the later application;
  5. Click "Start Services" to operate Optimize Service automatically in background.

Click the download button to free download a trial version.

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