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How can I send different documents to different receipiants and train which document goes to which email address?

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I send out around 250 PDF reports each month to my customers, the PDF reports contain the same content but unique customer name on the top, so can I use the customers’ names to match up to the saved email addresses, then send out the emails at the same time?


If you want to batch send multiple emails to different persons at a time, you can use A-PDF AutoMail (free download here) to carry out your requirement:

  1. Create a CSV file with the names and corresponding email addresses;
  2. a-pdf automail based on csv

  3. Run A-PDF AutoMail, add PDF files, then add a new rule with extracting name from PDF sample, save the macro as "name";
  4. a-pdf automail based on csv

  5. Check "Match CSV->Match user lists", then select the edited CSV file, and edit below conditions as "name {sheet:1} match name", and then define "Mail to" as "{sheet:2}";
  6. a-pdf automail based on csv

  7. Save the rule and then apply the rule, you will see the email address listed in the main interface, then just click "Email" to send out all emails.
  8. a-pdf automail based on csv

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