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How do I collect images in lots of PDFs with image extracted?

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What is the best program to use to collect images in lots of PDFs with image extracted?


You can use A-PDF Explorer (free download here) to collect images in lots of PDFs with image extracted.

A-PDF Explorer is a product for easy managing your numerous PDF documents saved in different folders, at the same time, you can also do special operations on multiple files, for example, alter metadata, set security, send email etc.

Now, the tutorial below explains how to extract images from a PDF document with an overall viewer by using A-PDF Explorer:

Free Download and install A-PDF Explorer, operate PdfPE.exe, you will see an interface as follows, select your wanted file then click the icon as Extract Images, then click “Extract all the images” and choose a format for outputting these images:

a-pdf explorer extract images

Then select a target folder or create a new folder for saving these images:

a-pdf explorer extract images save

Click “Ok” to open the output directory for viewing images extracted from the original PDFfile:

a-pdf explorer extract images effect

Click the download button to free download a trial version now

Download a-pdf Image to PDF

You can also extract text from defined PDF document, just click the icon “Extract Text”, the other operations are the same as extracting images. The tool also supports special operations such as set security, send Email etc.


If you are interested in other functions, please click below links to view procedure of other operations:

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