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How to Automatically Get Watermark for Flash

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I do not like to import the watermark time and time again, will the FlipBook Maker remember my settings on watermark importation? I have made an Image to as the watermark already because I have seen the introduction, how can the watermark be a permanent setting in importation?


Thanks for your supporting! And I am glad you have made the watermark by yourself, technically Image are supported to import as the unique watermark in Flash book you are converting in A-PDF FlipBook Maker.

First you can choose the PDF and go to the advanced settings in importation interface;

Press Set watermark button and there you can import your watermark of Image

For other users they can also choose the default watermark to Flipping flash;

Alter operation in importation interface, you can click ok to exit watermark setting and then import the PDF as you usually do;

The picture above is the screenshot of flipping Flash with a default watermark;

You can do another importation, the A-PDF will remember your settings on watermark, if you like it will be a permanent setting;

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