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How to create bookmark for Page Flip Digital eBook?

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I have just installed A-PDF FlipBook Maker to my computer, but I could not find the bookmark setting on the software. How to add bookmark to page flip digital publications? Please could you help?


A-PDF Flip Book Maker (free download here) is powerful software for you to make flipbook based on HTML5.

There are so many functional tools on software. If your imported files donot have bookmark, you can create a new bookmark for convenient reading. Learn below steps to know the details:

Step1: Import Files and Design

. Launch Flip Book Maker Program, click "Create New" button to import files;

. There are four panels on the left of flipbook: Template, Theme, Custom Settings and Bookmark. Choose a template and theme here;

Step2: Create a bookmark

Open Bookmark panel, click "How to create bookmark for Page Flip Digital eBook", and then edit the title for each page. After settings, preview the effect by clicking on "Apply Change" button.

Bookmark on HTML5 Flipbook:

How to create bookmark for Page Flip Digital eBook

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