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How to Decrypt PDF Security?

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What is the best software to decrypt pdf security?


Option 1: Use A-PDF Restrictions Remover (free download here) with one step: Right click the PDF file in explorer, and select "Remove Restrictions" or "Remove Restrictions and Save as" on the menu poped up.

Option 2: Use A-PDF Password Security (free download here)

  1. Launching the application: A-pdf Password Security
  2. Select the option "Batch PDF Documents Security" and push the button Next >, a file list window will be opened.
  3. You can add files or even Add Dir for add all of files in a directory in there, you also can remove or clear files in list
  4. After finished adding pdf files, you can click "try password" button, then A-pdf Password Security will try to open the pdf documents which have open password security by using password pool one by one, password pool is a password list which stored common password that can be defined by user.
  5. Push the button Next >, a Security Option Window will be opened, where set "Security Level" option values to "None", that means remove the password restrictions.
  6. Clicking "Save" or "Save as ..." button to batch decrypt PDF files.

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