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How to divide PDF files just into two parts based on some amount?

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If we have a large PDF documents which lists bill amount between 1-10,000,000, how can I split this file into two PDFs, one contains pages more than the amount of 1,000,000, the other is having pages less than the amount?


To split PDF files based on page content, you can use A-PDF Content Splitter .

This software will help you to easy carry out your above requirements too, just add your PDF file, edit a new rule with extracting amount tag from page:

a-pdf content splitter add amount tag

Then input a paragraph code in "Transform" box like below:

Tag := AnsiReplaceStr(Tag, '$', '');
Tag := AnsiReplaceStr(Tag, ',', '');
if amout<0 then begin tag:=''; exit; end;

thevalue:=1000000.0;//U can modify this amout

if amout>thevalue then tag:='More than ' +floattostr(thevalue) else tag:='less than ' +floattostr(thevalue); End.

Like the below picture shows:

a-pdf content splitter add amount tag with transform

Click here to download the trial version and have a try now.

View video tutorial here:


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