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How to set individual passwords to each different PDF files in CSV before emailing?

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I want to set individual passwords to each different PDF files, but the passwords are not shown in the content of PDFs, the alternative way is to create and insert a csv file to store those passwords. What to do then?


While using A-PDF AutoMail (free download here) to send PDF emails with unique passwords

If the passwords are not in PDF pages, you can create CSV file with passwords. Detail steps as follow info shows:

1. Create a CSV file with 2 columns, for example:

2. Run A-PDF AutoMail, import your PDF files, and then edit rule with setting a macro on the name "Jason", as below image shows:

a-pdf automail add_name_macro

3. Match CSV, Send Mail when column Name {sheet:1} match macro Name:

a-pdf automail match_csv_name

4. Click "Option" button to set passwords, check the option "Require a password to open the document", set "Document Open Password" as "{sheet:2}":

a-pdf automail match_csv_passwords

5. Save and use the rule to send out PDFs to different persons, with different passwords applied.

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