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Is there a way to auto detect folders and add password to PDF files written in?

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I want some password adding tool can help me auto add security on PDF files, I don't need to open the program but it will keep running when Windows is running. Which tool I should use?


Have a try on A-PDF Password Security Service (free download here), this tool can be used like as other Windows Service programs. The setting operations are very easy as follows:
  1. Open the program, click "Add Folder.." button to define Monitored Directory, Output Directory, Log File Directory (Backup Directory);
  2. Set Security Method: Security Level and Permissions (you can set metadata for processed files under "Properties" panel);
  3. Click "Ok" to save all settings, you can also click "Add Folder.." button to add more folders to be monitored simultaneously;
  4. Click "Start Services" icon to monitor the folders as long as Windows is running.

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