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box of A-PDF N-up PageA-PDF N-up Page (PDF imposition) is a simple, lightning-fast desktop utility program that lets you to batch make creating N-up (2-up, 4-up) imposed PDF files as easy as drag-and-drop, It combines\rearranges PDF pages onto larger (or custom size) sheets to make books, booklets, or special arrangements.

Making a foldable booklet from a PDF or arranging complex imposition layouts couldn't be easier. A-PDF N-up Page will do the task for you.


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How does it work

How A-PDF N-up Page Work

Why A-PDF N-up Page

To create booklets, you must combine multiple pages in an array that's ready for printing. Traditional imposition software has been designed forward professional users. A-PDF n-up page enables anyone to master the imposition (n-up page) process without professional training or complex job setups. You'll be able to arrange pages on larger sheets, rearrange pages, trim pages and accomplish a whole range of imposition tasks – and do it all without Acrobat PDF files.

Professional layout control and PDF booklet making

Choose N-up, 2-up or 4-up to create imposed PDF files that meet your production needs. Control n-up method (A/B, Duplex, Split mode), margins, gutters and page arranging direction. and so on


The complete set of A-PDF N-up Page features includes

  1. Powerful Batch PDF imposition tool for professional layout control and PDF booklet making
  2. N-up, 2-up or 4-up to create imposed PDF files that meet your production needs.
  3. Control sheet size, margins, gutters, and so on
  4. 2-up PDFs or 4-up PDFs
  5. Supports A/B or Split type imposition
  6. Order page: Across or Down the page
  7. Rotate page: Rotate all, odd or even pages option
  8. Supports Adjust margins between each page
  9. Supports "Drag and Drop" support of PDF files
  10. Custom output PDF Page Size (Scaling, Fit to page size, remain original page size) while N-UP PDF pages

Save Time

  • N-up Page a hundreds PDF file in seconds.
  • Easy to learn and operate

Save Money

A-PDF N-up Page is a standalone program costing only $27. It does NOT require Adobe Acrobat Pro, which costs hundreds of dollars.

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Current version 2.3.0


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Requirement: Windows


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