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A-PDF to Excel is a fast, affordable way to batch extract and convert almost any PDF data (such as Invoice, Bank statement, Price list, inventory list. Etc…) to highly-editable Microsoft Excel document or CSV file format in several minutes.

A-PDF to Excel is particularly useful to people who received a lot of invoice (PDF
format), who need to batch extract the PDF data and save it to excel and retain the original rows and columns in original PDF.

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How does it work

How does A-PDF To Excel work

download the demo(input).pdf and demo(output).xls

Why A-PDF To Excel

No copy and paste forms again

You do not need copy PDF data from hundreds PDF files again. Using it, you can batch process PDF one time.

 Visual PDF data extraction editor

A-PDF To Excel provide a visual data extraction editor to allow you define the output field columns, merge or split the field columns etc. See below for a quick impression.

visual PDF data extraction editor

You can also import and export the rules for use other place.

Output to CSV or XLS files

Create one single CSV/XLS file from all PDF files. That means, you can easily use your rules anywhere.

Extract data from almost any type of PDF

Documents with different tables on different pages, documents with several tables on a single page, rotated pages, PDFs with tiny or unreadable fonts, PDF documents with a combination of fields and tables, and dozens other types of PDFs.

Convert long\multiple-page PDF files by applying current "Table
Structure" to multiple pages

By re-applying a single " table structure", A-PDF to Excel allows you to convert PDF files of any size... On top of that, multiple pages are converted at a speed of 500 pages per minute, which means that even the longest files will be converted in minutes.

Batch Convert PDF to Excel

A-PDF To Exce Support Batch Convert PDF documents to XLS or CSV. Convert mode include:


  1. All PDF files to single Excel file in one sheet.
  2. Each PDF file to multi-separate Excel files.
  3. Each PDF file to single Excel file in separate sheet.


  1. All PDF files to one CSV file.
  2. Each PDF file to Multi-separate CSV files.

A-PDF To Excel Command Line

A-PDF To Excel Command line (PPTECMD.exe) can be used as a Windows console utility that silent convert PDF files to the Excel Table.


PPTECMD.exe <Rule file> <Input file list\Input PDF File> 
            <Output file> <Output type> <Output Option>
<Rule file> -R<Rule file>, The Rule file can be exported from A-PDF To Excel GUI. The rule file must exist. <Input file list> -F<File list or Input PDF File>, File list is a .txt file that contains a list of PDF files (including Path) which will be converted to Excel This parameter also could be a PDF file name <Output file> -O<Output file>, Specifies the name for output file <Output data type> -T<Output type>, the value can be XLS or CSV. The default value is XLS. <Output Option> -P<Output Option>, Specifies the option for the output file, This value can be: A,E,S. The The default value is A. ------------------------------------------------------------------- A: All PDF files to one file(Excel or CSV) in one sheet E: Each PDF file to separate Excel or CSV file. S: Each PDF file to separate sheet in the result Excel file Notes: S applies to the Excel file only. When this value is E, <Output file> must be a folder. Example 1: PPTECMD -R"C:\ruleFile.tbl" -F"C:\PDFFileList.txt" -O"C:\output.xls" -TXLS -PS Note: "C:\PDFFileList.txt" contains a list of PDF files The content in "C:\PDFFileList.txt" can be like this: c:\demodata1.pdf
c:\demodata5.pdf Example 2: PPTECMD -R"C:\ruleFile.tbl" -F"c:\inputFormDataPDF.pdf" -O"C:\outputfolder\" -TCSV -PE Example 3: PPTECMD -R"C:\ruleFile.tbl" -F"C:\PDFFileList.txt" -O"C:\output.xls" -TXLS -PA Example 4: PPTECMD -R"C:\ruleFile.tbl" -F"C:\PDFFileList.txt" -O"C:\outputfolder\" -TXLS -PE

Save Money

A-PDF To Excel is a standalone program costing only $39. It does NOT require Adobe Acrobat Pro, which costs hundreds of dollars.

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