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Settings in A-PDF Word to PDF

A-PDF Word to PDF provides watermarks, security, properties, page number and viewer settings for output PDF files.


A-PDF Word to PDF Watermark setting

The Watermark option allows you to add multiple watermarks to output documents. Applying watermarks uses the same process as our other product A-PDF Watermark

You can create/edit text or image watermark easily.

A-PDF Word to PDF Text Watermark Editor A-PDF Word to PDF Image Watermark Editor


A-PDF Word to PDF Security Setting

The Security options are self-guided with intuitive menus, making them very simple to use. It allows you to add 128-bit RC4 standard password encryption. You can limit the file to print, edit or more.



A-PDF Word to PDF Properties Setting

The Properties changer allows you to add/edit Title, Subject, Author, and Keywords for the Output PDF document.

Page Number

A-PDF Word to PDF Page Number Setting

The page-numbering feature allows you to select how page numbering is added to output documents. Check the "Add page number to output file" box, and you can make selections simply for your output document.


A-PDF Word to PDF Viewer Setting

The Viewer option allows you to set various parameters as the defaults to be used when your output pdf is viewed. Use the dropdown menus to set the document options, and the checkboxes to choose window and interface options to completely customize how your output document first appears when opened.

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