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Can I view my PDF files in an interesting way just like that of flash?

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Is there any software that can convert PDF files into animated flash pages or publications that can scroll automatically?


Yes, you can use A-PDF to Flash Converter (free download here) to convert your PDF to digital flash publication so that you can view it in different mode. Just follow the below steps:

1. Launch A-PDF to Flash Converter and import PDF;

2. Choose template and define custom settings such as toolbar color, background image and sound, and click "Apply Change" to save settings;

a-pdf to flash converter to convert pdf to flash

3. Click "Convert to Flash Book" to enter output interface and choose output type (HTML, ZIP and EXE) to publish flash publication.

how a-pdf to flash converter works

You can view the published flash book in thumbnail, single page or double pages, fit width or fit height; zoom with Ctrl+mouse wheel; rotate current page; double click to auto scroll; print out pages and share it via Email, Facebook, iGoogle and so on.

a-pdf to flash converter viewing modes

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