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How can I embed Google Analytics tracking code to my flipbook?

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I want to know how my online flipbook is performing, how many visits to my book pages, what should I do to collect statistics of my flipbook with Google Analytics tracking code?


A-PDF Flipbook Maker integrates Google Analytics which will help you collect statistics of your flipbook. With the data collected, you can know how your flipbook is performing, e.g, how many visits to a page. Then you can evaluate and improve your book based on the statistics. Below I will show you how to add Google Analytics tracking code to your flipbook in Two methods:

Method One:

Step 1: Launch A-PDF Flipbook Maker and create a new project and import the PDF file;

Steps 2: After you enter into the Design interface, you can customize the flipbook with template, theme and other settings;

customize html flipbook

Step 3: In the "Design Setting" tab, click Flash Control Settings to expand the options, then you will see Google Analytics ID option, input your Google Analytics ID;

add Google Analytics tracking code to flipbook

Step 4: Click "Apply Change" to save settings and click "Publish to Local" to publish the flipbook in HTML format, or you can just click "Upload Online" to publish the HTML flipbook online.

publish html flipbook

Method Two:

Step 1: Click the "Publish" button and choose HTML format;

publish html flipbook

Step 2: Click the "Advanced" button and the Advanced Settings window will pop up, then insert the tracking code to the script field below Add Scripts:

add Google Analytics tracking code script

For example, you can input JavaScript as below:

add Google Analytics tracking code script

Step 3: Click "OK" to save the code and publish the flipbook.

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