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How to Embed Images and Animated Text on Digital Publication?

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A-PDF to FlipBook Pro helps me a lot to create a sparkling digital publication. But I just can’t figure out how to embed the images slideshow and text with animation on the digital publication. In a word, please teach me how to insert image and text on my flash book easier.


Inserting Flip Book into website is a smart idea to enhance the popularity of website and highlight the key content exactly. Then except the based functions of A-PDF to FlipBook Pro, you also can insert new page or delete the selected page of the flip magazine easily. You can insert PDF, images and SWF file as a new page into the page flip brochure. Then here we will talk more about inserting images and text on digital publication in several easy steps.

Step1: Import PDF Files. Download software, run the program and click "Create New" to import new PDF file.

Step2: Flip Book Editor Operation Interface. Click "Edit Page" to get into "Flip Book Editor" interface and find "Images" and "Text" button on the tool bar.

Step3: Drag and Drop Photos on Flash Book. Click "images" icon and start to add images on flip book. After that you can drag and drop photos to the place you want.

Step4: Add Text on Flip Magazine. Select "Text" button and draw a box to add text on flip magazine in order to make it clear and show more information for reader.

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